Landman Training Course




Your Landman course is excellent. I spent 800.00 dollars on a 30 hour course and came away confused. The course had a lot of information but it didn't give me a step by step method to follow. I wish I had purchased your course for the low price of 49.00 dollars (I'm glad I took advantage of your special offer). It is easy to read and has plenty of examples with explanations. Then you give a complete course on how to be a Landman from the first step to the last step. I can't thank you enough. Please keep me on your mailing list for future courses.


Gary K.

Oklahoma City, OK



Dear Jim,

I wish to express how informative this Landman Course is. I have learned and continue to find endless information that I can use now and in future situations. I feel l have an instructor right next to me guiding me throughout the course. I will refer your course to all my friends and co-workers. The course is one of the most useful tools I have come across since taking on my new career as an Oil and Gas Landman. Thank you so much for the great course.


Bonita Hicks

Grand Prarie, Texas




The Landman Course is very informative and easy to comprehend. It provides step by step instructions in order to carry out every intricate detail of being a Landman. Because it is important to complete each assignment correctly, I feel that this course leaves no questions unanswered. My job as a Landman is to strive to a level of excellence and I believe this course will assist me in reaching this goal.



Dee Moreland

Fort Worth, Texas




Thanks for the great course. It has been a big help to me and my father.




Craig Hackney, Jr.

Houston, Texas



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